What can we learn from Chipotle – they covered 100% higher education fees of their employees

Can your employer to cover your tuition fee like Chipotle did for their employees!

Chipotle has paid over 20 Million Dollars as the tuition (higher education) expense of their employes. They paid for the engineering, business and technology related degrees.

This chain of Mexican grill restaurant provides a coverage of debt-free learning to their employees. The company encourages their workers to pursue higher education and complete their degree while working with them.

In 2016 there were more than 5000 people in USA who had a PhD and were working as a janitor. Chipotle has raised the bar for such employees. In the past two years they have paid and enabled their workers to get a decent job, degree and coverage.

Who could benefit from Chipotle debt-free learning initiative?

After the initiation, many companies and insurance agencies have shown interest in introducing debt-free learning. If you wish to continue higher education and get a degree, these companies are boom for your wishes.

Not only do they provide health insurance, liability coverage, but at the same time they pay for your tutions too. However, you do have to sign a bond to work for them or pay your debts by taking a job suitable for your degree.

Other alternatives to Debt-free Degree program by Chipotle

Universities like Harvard, Oxford and Stanford have made their lectures public i.e they don’t charge anything for learning. However they do charge for degree program. You can always use these resources to enhance your knowledge while working full time. You can also opt for Chipotle scholarship program that helps people in getting their degrees. This includes degree in technology, business, finance, ans applied science.


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